Past Projects

This is a drawing that I did for my grandpa in 2004, as a tribute to his service in the Korean War. It is done in fine graphite, and took about 75 hours.
This is a painting of a still from the movie Amelie done in Lichtenstein style in 2008. Painted in oils, took 20-30 hours.

Black and white still life painting done in 2008 in oils.

Self portrait based on this photo in 2008 in oils.

A small painting in oils for a friend's Christmas present - boy does she love her Superman - in 2009.

Another gift - a fine graphite drawing for a coworker who is very proud of her Native American heritage, done in 2007.

This and all subsequent photos were shot, developed, and printed in 2008.

These pictures are of a baby blanket that I crocheted for my boyfriend's first baby nephew, Logan.

The first cake I ever "decorated." I was so proud. It was a mocha cake - yellow cake with bittersweet chocolate shavings, and alternating layers of mocha buttercream and chocolate ganache.

Lemon blackberry cake - yellow cake with lemon zest, alternating layers of blackberry jam and lemon curd, covered in a lemon curd buttercream.

White chocolate espresso cake - yellow cake, layered with mocha buttercream, and covered with white chocolate buttercream, and decorated with white chocolate plastic.