Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hot Cocoa

Cookies. Hot cocoa cookies.

As in cookies that taste like hot cocoa and taste amazing with hot cocoa.

They even have marshmallows in them. Mmmmmm.

The recipe comes from How Sweet and admittedly her pictures are far better than mine. And it's her recipe. So I guess overall she is superior.

Anyway, these are sinfully delicious chocolate cookies with marshmallow creme and mini marshmallows.

The one thing you have to be careful about with these cookies are those marshmallows. They melt and threaten to break your cookie apart when you try to move them or pick them up. The other thing you have to be careful about is limiting yourself because this recipe makes A LOT of cookies.

But they're soooo gooooooood.

So head on over to How Sweet  and try the recipe, then tell her how awesome she is for creating these.


  1. I think one of my coworkers has an order of these she wants filled.

  2. The recipe has been posted. I believe my job is done. Unless I feel charitable sometime soon.