Saturday, June 12, 2010


This past Wednesday was mine and Garrick's 4 year anniversary. That day at work, I got s surprise delivery of a dozen roses. Now, every year up until now he sends me flowers at my work, but I have always gotten an arrangement of 3 roses, but this year I got a dozen! And to make it better, they were delivered by him, not a stranger. How nice.

Aren't they pretty? He also got me a beautiful brown skirt with blue and green embroidery and beading, and a green silky shirt with brown belt to match. It's soooo pretty I think I'm going to wear it to my friend's wedding this afternoon.

As is our tradition, we celebrated our anniversary on our date night (Friday) rather than on the actual day. Since I have Friday's off this summer, we made a whole "date day" out of it. We had lunch and went mini golfing, then went to Bonefish for dinner and saw Killers at the theater, then topped it off with dessert at Uptown Bistro. I had pecan parmesan crusted rainbow trout with garlic whipped potatoes for dinner, and we split a flourless chocolate torte and chocolate mousse for dessert. Sooo good.

Anyway, I made him a pair of dress pants and matching vest. As hard as it can be to make fitted clothes for someone else, the poor boy has a 29 inch waist and 33 inch length, do you have ANY idea how impossible it is for find pants that fit those proportions correctly? He needed it. I also got him the pocket watch he had been wanting since Christmas.

Don't they look nice? I'm quite proud.

This is the button detail on the vest. They're very manly, I think.

And this is the pocket watch. It's pretty cool, I think. He says his favorite thing that I gave him were the pants, but I think the watch was his real favorite.

All in all, I think it was a great anniversary, as always. I look forward to all of our future ones.

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