Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cannoli Cupcakes

Jack Night tomorrow. My assignment: dessert. Jack-Nighter Ryan's birthday, too. Actually, it's also my dad's birthday tomorrow, but since I'll be at Jack Night and mom will be at a board meeting, we decided to celebrate tonight.

Anyway, the tradition with Jack Night is during an attendant's birthweek they get to choose the food. I'm not sure if the birthday guy chose it or not, but we're having manicotti. The running joke with Ryan is his love for cheese. While he does appear to like cheese, I'm not so sure it's to the extent that we make it, but it's all fun. We also joke about him being French (he's not). So because we're having an Italian dinner with ricotta cheese, I should make a dessert with cheese in it. Originally I was going to make cheesecake, but then I remembered seeing these Cannoli Cupcakes at sugarcrafter, and I thought it was perfect! Cheese, and Italian! So that's what I'll be bringing with me to Jack Night.

The recipe itself yielded way more than I needed to bring, so some are staying home. As I mentioned before, we celebrated dad's birthday today, and because our first two attempts at a "birthday cake" failed (missing ingredients, bad weather, etc.) we had the extra cupcakes.

Don't you love the little flecks of real vanilla? I can't tell you how excited I was about those. I'd never used real vanilla before. Probably because it costs $3 for 2 skinny beans. Anyway, I love the little subtle elegance of them.

The cupcakes are quite delicious. I've never had cannoli before (though I'd LOVE to try it) so I can't tell you whether or not it tastes like it, but they are very good. The ricotta cheese gives them a nice undertone, and they have a nice citrus quality from the orange zest. I am glad, however, that I only put in half of the orange zest it called for, because the flavor is still there but it's not too strong, and I don't really care for orange. But I like the little zing of citrus it gives in these. I'm excited to take them to Jack Night and get everyone else's reactions.

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  1. I'm so glad you all enjoyed them! Yours look wonderful! :-)