Thursday, July 15, 2010

Color me excited

Good things are happening right now.

For one, the plan of study that my contract has been hinging on is finally going to be sent out. I might actually have a contract before new teacher orientation in 3 weeks, and I like that idea. So I'm not, you know, wasting my time.

For two, the $200+ in fraudulent charges from last weekend (lets not even go there - suffice it to say I didn't spend $208 at a Walmart in Nebraska before 9:15am last Saturday) was put back in my bank account. Thank God, I really didn't want to go after someone with something sharp and rusty.

For three, Garrick's birthday present came yesterday and I'm SO EXCITED. I'll write about that after he gets it, since his birthday isn't for another 2 weeks or so.

For four, I just finished the book Sh*t My Dad Says and if you haven't yet, you must read this book. The one-liners on facebook and twitter are good, but the stories behind them are even better. In case you're not familiar with the phenomenon surrounding this book, it has a lot of profanity. But hilarious profanity.

For five, I just found this blog: and I think we should be blog buddies. Because everything her blog is, is everything I want the food portion of mine to be. You should really check it out.

When I told Garrick about Sweet Eats, we had one of our typical conversations, which usually go something like this:

Me: Look what I found:
Perfect for me - a love of food, but making it healthy :)

Garrick (direct quote, spelling errors intact): Looks like poop
Sweet tastey poop.
nom nom nom

Garrick again: bahah *insert shit-eating grin*

Me: You're not funny.

On a different note, I've been wondering: do you like things lumpy with texture, or smooth and creamy? You know, things like mashed potatoes or cream of wheat. My dad likes them lump free, but I intentionally make my cream of what lumpy. The lumps of cereal are the best part.

So pick your side: lumpy or creamy. Let's battle.

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  1. I'm lame because I don't care as long as its good. I hate cream of wheat but I like my grits non lumpy..if they're lumpy their cold and that's gross. Mashed potatoes - I take them as I get them...Matt makes them creamy but they're usually too watery.