Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday x 2

This week I have two important birthdays. The first one, Tuesday, is my brother's 28th birthday. A couple months ago he casually asked me to sew some bags to hold nails and screws for him (he works in construction), to which I lovingly replied "Hell no!" Well, I reconsidered and thought it might be nice for his birthday. Once I had settled on doing that for him, I asked him how many he wanted. He says "A bunch." A bunch? I said "How much is 'a bunch?' Is it 10 or is it 50?" He says "Somewhere in between there." Oh God. What did I get myself into? I decided I'd get 3 yards of heavy canvas, and whatever that made is what he would get, thinking I might be 25 or so out of it. No, I got 40.

After a few failed tester bags, I spent a good part of my Friday and Saturday afternoons sewing the 38 others.

You can't tell, but there are, in fact, 38 bags in that pile. I haven't put strings in the drawstring, mostly because I don't have any string and Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays.

I'm pretty sure I deserve the "Sister of the Year" award for this. And I'm never doing it again.

Anyway, the second birthday of the week is Wednesday, and it's Garrick's birthday. He already got his present from me. I got him this really awesome espresso machine and some espresso beans. I also talked to a couple other people and got them to give him some necessary accessories (tamper, frothing pitcher, thermometer, coffee grinder). I don't have pictures of it yet, but I will put some up when I get some. Suffice it to say, it's preeeetttttyyyy. It's stainless steel, and I found it on Amazon for about 62% off it's original $240 price tag. I consider it a steal.

I had my first mocha made with it today and it was delicious! It was a good buy, I say.

In other news, Garrick and I have started having dinner with 2 of our newlywed friends on Thursday nights. We switch off hosting and cooking the main meal, while the guests bring dessert. After dinner we talk, play games, or take a walk. It's really nice, and gives me an excuse to try new recipes. My next post will be about the dessert I brought this last Thursday, so look forward to that!

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