Monday, May 17, 2010


After 4 years of busting my butt and spending the majority of my time away from my loving boyfriend (who, by the way, designed my blog and is still working on the finishing touches - isn't it beautiful?), I finally graduated from K-State this past Saturday.

My grandparents were kind enough to drive all the way from the Chicago area to come see me graduate. They only come here once a year so if I get to see them out of the norm it's quite special. As I mentioned, I made matching blue flower corsages for myself, mom, and grandma, and grandma really liked hers, and liked getting compliments on it.

They said my last name wrong as I walked across the stage. Oh well. I expected it. I'm sure I wasn't the only one whose last name was completely butchered during my 5 seconds of limelight (Why is it called that?).

Dad, grandpa, grandma, and mom waiting for the ceremony to start

All of us (minus the loving boyfriend who took the photo) before we left for Manhattan.

Me with the loving boyfriend (whose name is Garrick, for the record) at Bramlage just before the ceremony. (Can you see the powercat hidden behind us?)

These photos were taken with my mom's iPhone so the quality isn't super awesome. I have some on my camera but I'm not putting anything new on my old computer, I'm just waiting until the new one comes (tomorrow!).

And today: grad school begins. Will I ever be done??


  1. I can't believe he wore socks with holes in them.

  2. boyfriends MommyMay 19, 2010 at 6:21 PM

    You should ask your talented girlfriend if she would sew the holes up in your socks.